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IDS Students Launch an International Relations Magazine

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Students of the International and Diplomatic Studies Master’s Program (IDS) have launched an online IDS Magazine. The magazine aims to publish grassroot analyses providing original thought on international relations.

10462428_741976535873654_3355895598731244093_oThe mission spelled out on the magazine’s website reads: „Nowadays, information reaching readers around the world stems from an ever-increasing number of sources. In this complex global environment of fast-flowing ideas, establishing credibility begins by adding value to the dialogue. Credible opinions matter as they hold the potential to positively influence the course of events. This context is what motivated the establishment of IDS Magazine. Created as an initiative aiming to provide analytical pieces on international affairs issues, it is a student-led project whose mission it is to trigger knowledge exchanges, thought-provoking debates and discourse-enriching ideas.“

But the project is only at its beginning. Hugo Paquin, one of the magazine’s team members, explains: „We are continuously looking for collaborators and fresh content, and that if someone feels like adding water to the mill (whether its analysis, commentary on current events, photo essays or book reviews), we’d be more than happy to discuss their ideas and how they can help.“

If you are interested in international relations and diplomacy, head to and

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