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1.7.2018 - 31.8.2018 - Summer Holidays

17.9.2018 - 14.12.2018 - Classes in Fall Semester 2018/2019

27.9.2018 - Dean's Day

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Jan Masaryk Centre of International Studies is the oldest academic institution in the Czech Republic teaching and conducting research on international politics and diplomacy. Founded in 1991, the Centre trains internationally-oriented professionals for public administration, especially focusing on the political and economic relations of the Czech Republic, international organizations, and foreign politics oriented media. The Centre alumni are not only fluent in several foreign languages, but also possess deep knowledge and extensive skillset in international politics, international economics and business.

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Address: VŠE v Praze
Nám. W. Churchilla 4
130 67 Praha 3, Czech Republic
Phone: +420 224 09 5232

International Awards for VŠE and SMSJM

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