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1.7.2018 - 31.8.2018 - Summer Holidays

17.9.2018 - 14.12.2018 - Classes in Fall Semester 2018/2019

27.9.2018 - Dean's Day

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TitleCreated on
Dr. Hobbs Will Lecture and Discuss on "American political culture and the Trump administration" (IIR) 04.12.2017
Dr. Ayaz Zeynalov at Jan Masaryk Centre 12.09.2017
Fulbright Scholar Dr. Heidi Hobbs at Jan Masaryk Centre 02.08.2017
Workshop “Islam and Europe” with Ambassadors of Azerbaijan, Kuwait, and Turkey 28.04.2017
Workshop „Global Sustainability, Local Well-Being and Livelihoods“ with Dr. György Folk 05.04.2017
Workshop with professor Kishan S Rana "Economic Diplomacy of Developing Countries" 03.03.2017
Prof. V. Kubálková Will Lecture on “Globalized International Relations” at VŠE 02.01.2017
20th International Conference of Young Scholars Prague 19.05.2016
Regional Academy on the United Nations (RAUN) 26.02.2016
20th International Conference of Young Scholars Prague - Call for Papers 27.01.2016
Celebration of 65th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations between Czechoslovakia and Pakistan 16.04.2015
SMSJM Becomes Partner of IRSEC Hub 21.01.2015
"Europe Inspiring" - 19th International Conference of Young Scholars, 2015, Prague - Call for Papers 08.01.2015
Lecture by the U.S. Ambassador Mr. Andrew H. Shapiro 03.12.2014
IDS Students Launch an International Relations Magazine 14.11.2014
FIR Defends International Accreditation EPAS for Master Programmes International Trade and International Business 12.11.2014
International and Diplomatic Studies Master's Program - Applications Deadline 22.10.2014
19th International Conference of Young Scholars Prague: Europe Inspiring 22.10.2014
Intensive courses 2SM439 Conceptual Thinking in International Politics and 2SM639 Diplomacy of the EU 21.02.2014
New Member of the Jan Masaryk Centre of International Studies and a New Intensive Course 20.02.2014
New Website in English 19.02.2014