Cooperation with Institutions and Professionals

Our cooperation with public or private institutions and professionals in the field of international relations, foreign affairs, and diplomacy includes, for example:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the CR (About the Ministry)

  • Cooperation on the Minor Specialization “Economic Diplomacy”
  • Student internships both at the Ministry in Prague and at Czech embassies abroad
  • Radka Druláková is a Member of the Team of External Advisers for foreign and European policy of the CR

Czech Centres (About the Centres)

  • Student internships both at the Headquarters in Prague and at Czech Centres abroad
  • Czech Centres staff’s lectures

Foreign Embassies in Prague

  • Ambassadors’ lectures in courses 2SM203, 2SM404, and 2SM606 – Foreign Policy and Diplomacy Making and Analysis

Czech Olympic Committee

  • Cooperation on the program “Sports Diplomacy” (About the program, in Czech only)