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New Member of the Jan Masaryk Centre of International Studies and a New Intensive Course

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A new Assistant Professor, Dr. Sardor Usmanov, joined the team of the Jan Masaryk Centre of International Studies at the beginning of February 2014.

Dr. Sardor Usmanov holds a Ph.D. in political science obtained at the Institute of Political Studies of Bordeaux (France). He is a two-fold laureate of the “Eiffel” Scholarship for Excellence (French Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Dr. Usmanov is a member of the GARNET Network of Excellence Ph.D. School Alumni Association (Brussels).

Dr. Usmanov will participate above all in the International and Diplomatic Studies programme. He will teach an optional course 2SM617 Preventive diplomacy during the summer semester 2013/2014.

Students can also visit Dr. Usmanov’s intensive course 2SM439 Conceptual thinking in international politics (syllabus). Enrollment to the course will be possible during the third enrollment round.