Prof. V. Kubálková Will Lecture on “Globalized International Relations” at VŠE

Prof. Vendulka Kubálková, a globally renowned IR scholar of Czechoslovak origin, will deliver an intensive course 2SM442 – Globalized International Relations at VŠE. The course will take place from 25 to 29 November 2019 in room NB 457.

Prof. Kubálková received her JUDr., doctorate in International Law (by dissertation) from Charles University, Czechoslovakia and her Ph.D. in International Politics from Lancaster University, England. Subsequently, she has taught and held numerous academic positions in the United States and worldwide – in Russia, Argentina, Africa, China and India, in England, New Zealand, Australia, and Belgium.

Her research and teaching interests include theory of International Relations, post-Soviet studies and Religion and Culture in World Affairs in addition to pedagogy and the use of IT in education on International and Global Studies.

More information about Prof. Kubálková and her publications is available at: