Smart Power Workshop

5 Dec

Thursday 5th December 2019, in room SB305 at 12:45

You are cordially invited to attend a new workshop on smart power. Find out how strategies to win the consent and approval of others are used in combination with efforts to coerce.  Smart power, the use of a full range of tools to achieve objectives, is examined through case studies in contemporary international affairs. The tools of soft power and hard power are not only outlined but their synchronisation within a concerted smart power strategy are demonstrated through real-world examples.

Discover how nations attempt to win over the populations of others through attraction strategies while simultaneously applying hard power pressure at the state level. Learn how cutting-edge technological methods involving simulated reality and the online realm are utilised for both soft power and hard power approaches. Join Svetlana Lobastova and Matthew Huntley in this exploration of smart power and improve your appreciation of the tools and strategies available to actors in the international system.

This workshop is financed by the Faculty of International Relations, the University of Economics, through grant project IG212049.