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Article types

Articles published in Jan Masaryk Review of International Studies have the character of research articles, consultations and book reviews.

The authors of research articles should inform the reader about the theoretical assumptions and hypotheses, the concepts used, and the method applied in analysing the empirical data. In the discussion, authors will explain their interpretation of their results and theorize on their importance to existing and future research. The general goal of a research article is to publish research results rather than the author’s opinions.

consultation should introduce a certain issue with a focus on International Relations. The authors should present the results of a theoretical or empirical inquiry which provides new facts about a phenomenon under investigation. The general goal of a consultation is to describe the results of empirical research or present a review of literature focused on a specific problem.

The book review briefly introduces a book in the International Relations discipline. It summarizes the research goals, structure and content of the book. The authors should indicate the strong and weak points of the book and identify its target readership. The general goal of a book review is to inform readers about a book and assess its contribution to the field. Alternatively, two or more books can be reviewed and compared.


Manuscript style

Journal template (in English)

Šablona časopisu (česky, slovensky)


Peer review policy

The journal shall publish only papers which meet the “Principles in scientific, artistic and other creative work” – Part III of the Code of Ethics of the University of Economics, Prague.

The double-blind peer-review process is anonymous, carried out by at least two independent reviewers.